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How Pokemon Go took the world by storm

Pokemon Go - what is it?

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that was released on the 6th of July on Android and iOS. Initially the release was only in New Zealand and Australia because these are popular test markets for mobile games. The reason why Pokemon Go chose Australia and New Zealand as their test market is because New Zealand and Australia are countries with similar demographics and economies to the west, but with a much smaller population. It is therefore much easier to gauge how well your app will do if you test it in these countries.



However, when Pokemon Go launched in Australia and New Zealand people all over the world could not wait until the game was released in their own countries, so they used workarounds to get their hands on the game. Furthermore, several people have already been looking for a way to hack Pokemon Go.


In Pokemon go, people have to walk around in the world to encounter creatures called Pokemon. They then throw Pokeballs at those pokemon in order to catch them. The goal is to collect as many of them as you can, and make the pokemon as strong as possible.


Why was Pokemon Go so successful?


The main reason why Pokemon go is such an overwhelming success is because of the nostalgic factor for a huge generation. Everyone who grew up watching Pokemon wished at some point that Pokemon were real, and this game comes closer than ever. They can finally fulfill their dream of becoming a real life Pokemon Master with Pokemon Go.


However, the game still has a lot of flaws. The servers go down frequently and there are a lot of bugs in the game, including the gyms, catching pokemon and GPS issues. Hopefully these issues will soon be adressed.

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